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John Shrestha is an accomplished artist from Nepal with a background in both teaching and performance. He was an integral member of the Professional Learning Community at the prestigious Sibelius Academy in Finland. Previously, he served as a guitar instructor at the Nepal Music Center and the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Currently, John is an active member of the Pop/Rock Band “Sabin Rai And The Pharaoh.” With the band, he has embarked on numerous tours, captivating audiences across Nepal and in various cities and states in Australia, the USA, the UK, India, New Zealand, Korea, Bhutan, Japan, Thailand and more. Notably, John also played a crucial role in Laye ‘le Shikchya, an organization founded by a collective of teaching artists dedicated to advancing education through the medium of music and creating educational opportunities in both urban and rural areas. It’s worth mentioning that John Shrestha is also an endorsed artist for D’Addario, Sahana Guitar (John Shrestha Signature Guitar Series “Nyauli”) and EMG Pickups. further highlighting his musical expertise and recognition in the industry

John Shrestha: A Musical Journey

Born in Nepal, his passion for the guitar and fervor for music education have propelled him through a series of notable experiences.

Academic Pursuits: John’s academic journey led him to the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, where he earned a Degree in Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies. This endeavor was a collaborative project between the Nepal Music Center and the Sibelius Academy, marking a pivotal step in his professional growth.

Employment History:

  • Sound Technician at Studio Mandala (2011-2013): His role as a sound technician at Studio Mandala showcased his adeptness in managing recording and mixing processes, along with a knack for optimizing recording sessions.
  • Band Member at 7th Gravity (2010-2013): During this time, John not only showcased his talents as a guitarist but also lent his skills as a sound technician to the band’s recording sessions.
  • Band Member at “Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh” (Since August 2016): John’s journey as a guitarist continued with “Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh,” where he has been an integral part of the group.
  • Guitar Tutor at Nepal Music School (2010-Till date): His role as a guitar tutor at the Nepal Music School has been marked by a commitment to teaching and guiding aspiring musicians in various musical skills.

“Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh” is a Kathmandu-based Nepali rock band, officially formed in 2016.

The band consists mainly of:

  • Sabin Rai on vocals,
  • Binod Lama Tamang on drums,
  • John Shrestha on guitars,
  • Jeevan Lama on bass,
  • Stephen Tamang as a midi/fx + sound designer and engineer,
  • Subash Gurung as a midi/fx + sound designer and engineer,
  • Abiz Basukala as a screen technician, and,
  • Jitesh Shakya as a stage manager.

Prior to the addition of Jeevan Lama, John Shrestha, Stephen Tamang aka Steve, Subash Gurung, Abiz Basukala, and Jitesh Shakya, the band was formerly known as “Sabin Rai and The Electrix” and existed since 2012, which they have produced a couple of super hit singles. It was in 2016 that the rest of the members joined and they renamed the band “Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh”. They have been together since the band produced and released a single full-length studio album in 2019 titled “Dhanyavaad” and has released multiple singles like, “Sadhai Timi mero”, and “Baimaani”, etc. which can be found on multiple digital platforms across the globe. The band has also been recognized and has won numerous awards including 3 Hits FM Music Awards in 2020 for their album title song – “Dhanyavaad”. The Hits FM Music Award is the highest accolade a musician can achieve in Nepal. The band has toured worldwide since making “Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh” one of the most popular bands from Nepal and amongst Nepali-speaking communities worldwide.


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- Dhanyavaad

baimani SRTP

- Baimani

Honors & Awards

- 2073 Hits FM Award

- Annual Hits FM Music Award 2020


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